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Huldrosz bio OOC

Huldrosz-SV.jpg by rowanf
Huldrosz-SV.jpg, a photo by rowanf on Flickr.

I'm setting this up so I'll have a webpage to put on my WrA twitter feed. This is a bio I did for Huldr when she joined a troll guild that failed soon after.

Full Name: Huldrosz
Nicknames: Huldr
Date of Birth: in the year of Shango's fury
Age: about 32
Original Tribe: Darkspear
Gender: Female
Hair: Huldr likes to braid her pink hair into intricate but practical adornments except for the top which she keeps in a riotous mohawk.
Skin: green
Eyes: golden
Height and Weight: Average. She is a little over 7 ft tall and just under 200 lbs.
Physical Description: Huldr's small features and tusks make her ugly in the eyes of her fellow trolls. She doesn't have any visible scars but she often shows signs of her life spent outdoors - scrapes, burrs and general dishevelment. When she has time to spend in town she like to clean up and dress up and go dancing.

Place of residence: She is based in Orgrimmar although she is most comfortable in the jungle with just her pets.
Place of Birth: the Broken Isles
Pets/Companions: The white lion, Trovao, and the boar, Shabba. When fighting the Alliance she uses her spider, Marimba.

Religion/Philosophy: She worships the Loa and believes she has a special relationship with Shango and Legba.

Occupation/Class: She is a hunter and skins the beasts she kills. Living with the orcs she got interested in minerals and became a miner.

Favorite Foods: Elaborately cooked fish with lots of alcohol
Favorite Colors: green, gold and red

Weapons of Choice: She enjoys the fact that she can use almost any weapon she picks up. Her only indispensible weapon is a good bow.

Hobbies: She likes to fish and though she doesn't admit it often, she loves to sing. She knows many chants to the Loa that she learned as a child. She sings to her pets mostly.

Special Abilities/Talents: Huldrosz likes to fish and make elaborate dishes which she shares with friends. She loves learning new recipes and seeks them out in her travels.

Misc. Quirks: Like most hunters she loves to tame pets and to pick up companion animals wherever she can.

She is proud to be a troll but she finds orc society with its equality between males and females to be more comfortable than troll society. Also troll men do not find her attractive and sometimes tease her about her plain features.

Theme Songs: I got plenty of nothin' from Porgy & Bess



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Jun. 30th, 2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
I love that she has the "cutefase" but you play it as making her unattractive as a troll. :D
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