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Lunar Fest wanderings

Mort&cub.jpg by rowanf
Mort&cub.jpg, a photo by rowanf on Flickr.

It started out like any other day. I awoke. Waking from sleep always leaves me disoriented. I figured out I was still in Thunder Bluff and that the Lunar Festival had started. I vaguely remember visiting Elders in past years but things blur together. I went up to Elder Rise and spoke to the Harbinger and gave honour to Elder Wheathoof. Then on to The Barrens and into Feralas. I got a bit distracted there as the land is very fertile and bears the goldthorn that I need to advance my alchemy. Also there were wolves and bears and ogres aplenty who objected to my presence. But I visited the Elders at Dire Maul and Lariss Pavilion nonetheless.

I used my hearthstone to get back to the Undercity and got repairs and emptied my bags a bit. Visiting the Elder in Undercity, I prevailed upon the Harbinger to send me back to Kalimdor. Upon arrival in Moonglade I was dismayed to find that I knew no connecting flight points. I made my way up the hill to Timbermaw Hold and the furbolg let me pass through as long as I was polite and stayed out of their way. I thought I was heading to Felwood to visit the Elder there but I must have taken a wrong turn and found myself in Winterspring.

I decided to try myself against the cold and managed to avoid the many passing patrols of hostile furbolgs until I reached the goblin outpost of Everlook. It was with relief that I honoured the Elder there and passed into the Inn. I was surprised to see a human who was willing to talk to me. Michelle De Rum explained that she has no faction and is happy to talk to anyone who finds their way in from the cold. She sells Winterspring cubs, which are lovely purple striped frostsaber babies. They are very dear but I couldn't resist. I have adopted one. Perhaps having a young thing to look after will make me feel more alive.


Inta dah Blasted Lands

Me an my boar, Shabba, be in Thunder Bluff when I got dah Warchief's Call for Silithus. I had heard dah stories of dat unrelenting desert filled wit' cultists and strange beasts dat tested da mettle of dose who ventured dere. So I packed up an' bought a ride from da Wind Rider Master to da Cenarion Hold dere. I always liked doing jobs for da Druids, likin' dere gentle ways and dere ties to a bestial nature dat seemed akin to her own feel for dah beasts who shared her life.

I reported to Windcaller Proudhorn and got my first assignment ta kill da desert worms dat be threatenin' da supply caravans. Oder folks gave me oder tasks and it was clear I would be here for awhile. I killed many worms and scorpions and spiders and Cultists. But as da days increased da pervasive sound of insects swarming about da hives gots ta be too much. Dah sound, dah sound it make me crazy.

Dere be an Okril'lon Mage in dah main buildin' who said dey could use me in da Blasted Lands. Dat be invitation enough, mon! Anyt'ing but dah bugs. An, soon anoder adventure beginnin' all togeder in da old home of da orcs. Da Dark Portal be looming in my dreams.


Huldrosz bio OOC

Huldrosz-SV.jpg by rowanf
Huldrosz-SV.jpg, a photo by rowanf on Flickr.

I'm setting this up so I'll have a webpage to put on my WrA twitter feed. This is a bio I did for Huldr when she joined a troll guild that failed soon after.

Full Name: Huldrosz
Nicknames: Huldr
Date of Birth: in the year of Shango's fury
Age: about 32
Original Tribe: Darkspear
Gender: Female
Hair: Huldr likes to braid her pink hair into intricate but practical adornments except for the top which she keeps in a riotous mohawk.
Skin: green
Eyes: golden
Height and Weight: Average. She is a little over 7 ft tall and just under 200 lbs.
Physical Description: Huldr's small features and tusks make her ugly in the eyes of her fellow trolls. She doesn't have any visible scars but she often shows signs of her life spent outdoors - scrapes, burrs and general dishevelment. When she has time to spend in town she like to clean up and dress up and go dancing.

Place of residence: She is based in Orgrimmar although she is most comfortable in the jungle with just her pets.
Place of Birth: the Broken Isles
Pets/Companions: The white lion, Trovao, and the boar, Shabba. When fighting the Alliance she uses her spider, Marimba.

Religion/Philosophy: She worships the Loa and believes she has a special relationship with Shango and Legba.

Occupation/Class: She is a hunter and skins the beasts she kills. Living with the orcs she got interested in minerals and became a miner.

Favorite Foods: Elaborately cooked fish with lots of alcohol
Favorite Colors: green, gold and red

Weapons of Choice: She enjoys the fact that she can use almost any weapon she picks up. Her only indispensible weapon is a good bow.

Hobbies: She likes to fish and though she doesn't admit it often, she loves to sing. She knows many chants to the Loa that she learned as a child. She sings to her pets mostly.

Special Abilities/Talents: Huldrosz likes to fish and make elaborate dishes which she shares with friends. She loves learning new recipes and seeks them out in her travels.

Misc. Quirks: Like most hunters she loves to tame pets and to pick up companion animals wherever she can.

She is proud to be a troll but she finds orc society with its equality between males and females to be more comfortable than troll society. Also troll men do not find her attractive and sometimes tease her about her plain features.

Theme Songs: I got plenty of nothin' from Porgy & Bess


The taming of Arcturis

I have been a hunter since my people came to Azeroth. I have learnt the ways of the forest and wastelands and I have tamed many beasts to assist me in my journeys. My animal friends are my constant companions and whilst I have braved some hostile environments to tame them, such as taming my ancient corehound Surtr in Molten Core, I have not sought after the most hard to find beasts.

Some while back this changed. The tales of the bear Arcturis had come to my ears and I spent many hours haunting the banks of the river where he had been seen. My skill at fishing profited much by this but the bear was never found. I had been ready to give up on this fruitless endeavor when this very morning I received word via Midnattsoul that my guild sister Valrena had spotted him and would wait by him until I arrived. I made great haste to her side and indeed have tamed the mighty Arcturis. As is the habit of hunters, I have renamed him. So now you may see Asbjorn at my side as I adventure in Azeroth.

I cannot thank my guildsisters enough for this boon! Behold the mighty spirit bear!


A surprising event

RoszmortinUC.jpg by rowanf
RoszmortinUC.jpg, a photo by rowanf on Flickr.

A very strange thing happened today. A package arrived, saying it was "heirlooms" from my family. And yet I know not who my family were in life that they should gift me despite being in the Dark Lady's service. Still this gift will make my unlife easier, these heirlooms will make me stronger in my purpose. I need to go to the storied Shadowfang Keep soon to earn a weapon. So much to do.


Me belly a gripe me

Originally uploaded by rowanf
When I was alive I had friends and family. Mah sistah and bruddah an me were inseparable. Now dey be gone an I be lost. Dere was dah other fisher families. I had a place an I had a life and a bit of fun.

Me belly a gripe me dat dis neber be my fate again. I'm dead, I'm alone. Well, I got mah ghoul and mah venomhide dey both look to me. If not for dat I might try to find a ending.

De folk say dat dere be a war in dah Northrend place against dah Scourge but dat I am not ready tah fight dere yet. So me be fightin' in dah ancient home of dah orc folk on another world. How did dat happen to a fisher troll, mon? Fightin' was neber me way, y'know. But fightin' be what death knights do dey say. How can I find a purpose dat be mine again? I feel very sad widout a family an friends. Very sad indeed.


Mah rest is ober

Originally uploaded by rowanf
Mah time wid mah baby ravasaur be done. We had a nice coupla weeks when I fed him and gabe him da feathers so he could decorate heself. Den I took he back to Mor'vek an paid him fer dah last trainin' and gabe him cloth and leather fer making a saddle and stuff.

It make me feel like a troll again tah hab a raptor tah ride. I know I cudda gone tah Zjolnir in Sen'jin and he'd a sold me a mount. An I did love dah blue raptor I rode as a girl. But dis venomhide matches mah Big Bad Death Knight image bettah dan a pretty blue raptor. Sure I got dah horse. But what troll rides a horse, mon?


So it be time fer movin' on. Not sure where I be goin' next. Me bruddah and sistah still be missing. But I feel strong an ready fer more questing.


I be da mudder of a ravasaur

Originally uploaded by rowanf
De travelin' be right good wid da Elders appearing for Lunar Festival. I hab been riding from one end of Kalimdor ta dah odder and honouring da Elders. I dun t'ink I'll get da 'chievement since dah island of da elves be verra hostile. An I be too young for da Northrend ones so next year I try da elves.

Goin' ta Un'goro ta see da Elder dere I remembered dat I had talked ta dis troll named Mor'vek last time I be dere. He be a ravasaur trainer an he hab a theory bout riding venomhide ravasaurs. Dat did sound good da me and I did da quest ta learn ta tolerate da natural poison of da venomhides. I had to kill about forty ob da venomhides before da poison stopped hurting like fire. Den I went back to Mor'vek and he said ta bring him four eggs. Dat took more time but I did it.

He help me hatch an egg and dah baby t'ing look at me like I be it's mudder. Like any small t'ing it be verra hungry! So I killed da stegadons and fed it. An it went ta sleep like a good baby. If me own mudder culd see me she would laugh. Big dead warrior takin' care of itty bitty baby dinosaur. Dat be okay. Laughin' be good medicine, and habbing baby t'ing look ta a body for care be good medicine too.


Fishin' be good for da nerves

Originally uploaded by rowanf
So I do be travelin' about a fair bit wid some fighting for da Warchief's clan, da Frostwolfs and wid da t'ings in da Hellfire Peninsula. But dis day me heart needed da green. So I went ta dah jungles of Stranglethorn Vale an looked for da herbs and fished for dah fishes.

I saw some Bloodscalp folk but we keep a wary distance from each udder. T'ey don like us and we don like dem, y'know. It just be dat way, mon. They din bother me in mah fishin' and I not bodder dem neither.

I stopped in ta see dah Zandalari on da Yojamba Isle since me faddah said dey be da smartest trolls dere be. Dey wanted me tah fight for dem. I may go back but right now I got lotsa udder fightin', y'know? When I be a fisher troll da idea dat so many peoples spend so much time fightin' -- din seem possible. Now I be one oh da fighters meself. Dat juss seem wrong, mon.

So dah fishin' went well and me old skill be comin' back, like I kin sense were dah fishes do be swimming if I put mah mind inta da fishy sense. Dat make me feel more like meself den I be since I be dead.

Den I lit a fire on da beach and had me a fish fry. Jess like ole times excep' Cherika has gone away and Kaikura don't be around neither. We all be dealin' wid t'ings in our own ways. Soon mebbe we'll be traveling ta gedder again.


Musing on pets

Originally uploaded by rowanf
I have been adventuring in dungeons much of late. This has meant that either Ogham or Merrimac have been at my side. They are both lovely animals, of course. When Ogham howls furiously and attacks he is a slim bundle of power. And when Merri stomps up and bites something, it knows it has been bitten!

Sometimes I feel bad that Kitteh is out to pasture these days. I hope she is enjoying her vacation. She was my constant companion in my younger days and sometimes I miss her amazing flips and the connection with Draenor.

But these last few days I have been working for the Argent Tournament and killing cultists and converted heroes and so Tormaíl has been at my side. Tormey and I have been together for a long time too and he really is the most amazing and glad hearted warrior. He warps instantly to a mob and holds it for me whilst I kill it. And then he drops that toothy grin and off we go to the next one.

I love the life of a hunter and I really cannot imagine doing anything else!